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Where pirates and ninja are best friends.

Surami Granger
7 December 1991
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me Hi! I'm Jennifer or Surami or Jack or Raven or Valara or Alexis.... Yeah, people call me all sorts of stuff. And, if you haven't figured out already I'm pretty much a n00b. Even though I've been on LJ for ever a year now I have no clue about codes and such, but I'm learning! I'm 15 and currently a Freshmen in High School. I'm very easy to get along with, sometimes. Anyway, I LOVE anime & manga! So if you do, I bet we could be some good friends. I'm also into SCI FI and Mideival shows/movies/books. XD Friend me!
journal Well, my journal kind of sucks at the moment so if you'd like to volunteer to make me a layout I would forever be in your debt. Or if you know a good website with good anime layouts, that would be so awsome! Thankies! Friend me! XP
other I also like roleplay video games like Kingdom Hearts and Tales of the Abyss. You may take any icons from my usericons just as long as you credit the person who made it. X3 FRIEND ME! The person who made my 1st mood theme: javachipfrapp The person who made my 2nd mood theme: lilhobbit Thank you very much!